Swiss vote could call time on 'suicide tourism'

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in accordance with its title "Swiss vote could call time on 'suicide tourism'"
swiss known by others, especially European goverments that Swiss is a great place to commit suicide, when reading this news I was immediately surprised and interested to tell and write again about the title Swiss vote could call time on 'suicide tourism'
because not a few know about it then it's a lot of people who commit suicide in Switzerland, even as a tourist destination for people who want mengahiri his life, so that the Swiss government to take action aboutthem vote on the matter
Zurich voters will decide two referendum proposals relating to assisted suicide: one to ban the practice altogether, and..

and the other to limit it to citizens of Zurich.

Assisted suicide has been legal in Switzerland for decades, and recent polls show continues to enjoy broad support among the Swiss, many of them believe that individuals have the right to decide when and how to die.

So the proposal for the ban, proposed by a deeply religious evangelical Democratic Union, stands little chance of passing.

"When we talk about human rights," said Christian Bretscher Zurich resident, "I think they include the right to decide about death too."

Mr. Bretscher was against both proposals, and brings his personal experience assisted suicide for the campaign.
his mother chose assisted suicide rather than continuing with a life crippled by arthritis. She asked her son to support her. He did so, and does not regret it.
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