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This is a note of all of Charice "Charmaine Clarice Pempengco Relucio", the history of life discussed here Charice, Charice good music, and so on, all the problems Charice among others:Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco (born in Laguna, Philippines, May 10, 1992, age 19 years), or better known as Charice (an abbreviation of his first two names), is an international singer from the Philippines that became known through YouTube.
He is currently recording his debut album in the first 3 months in 2009. The album will be released by Warner Bros. record label. and will be produced by his mentor, David Foster,
Charice appeared several times on local television, but his fame began to decline after the Little Big Star. Until 2007 he attracted the attention of the world as someone with the pseudonym "FalseVoice" memunggah video on YouTube. The video was made ​​in the virtual world phenomenon.Charice was a very popular album of the young people, = pyramid. Charice was also used to shoot at Glee.
Studio Album's charice, released in the Philippines:

Album date released Label note
(CD-lite) Mei 2008 Star Records Platinum certification
My Inspiration Mei 2009 Star Records Platinum certification