national day for 'King of Comedy'

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national day for "king of comedy"
national day for 'King of Comedy', that is what is being reported by residents warm the national day for the Philippines 'King of Comedy', the meaning of the national memorial day for 'King of Comedy' is the peak day of Dolphy's death, Philippine society is in mourning over the death of one week Dolphy, who is considered by masyarakt the Philippines as the king of comedy, many of his appearance and style of the people who care about the Philippines is regarded by comedy king Dolphy is not replaceable, so events Dolphy's death Philippine society is unfortunate that Philippine comedy king say are irreplaceable, so that the peak of Dolphy's death events is as follows: national day for 'king of comedy' Philippine President Benigno Aquino has been declared a "national day anniversary" to Dolphy's most popular comedians in
the country who died earlier this week, his spokesman said Thursday. Aquino set July 13 as a day to Dolphy "national day for 'King of Comedy'" after his death at age 83 due to lung disease, said spokeswoman Abigail Valte.
"He is unmatched in our use of inherently cheerful spirit, that both the challenges and triumphs can be filled with optimism and joy," reads the declaration. It is also praised for his philanthropy as well as Dolphy contribution to the arts. Thousands of Filipinos have been paying tribute to stars who are very popular since his death on Tuesday after a month in hospital, while paying atribute to the television networks provide coverage for non-stop after the funeral. and information about the national day for 'King of Comedy' Since his death, there was heated debate over why the government did not declare him "national artist" before he died. Aquino said he is in favor of giving such honor posthumously to the late comedian.