Regine's tv comeback

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regine's tv comebackRegine's tv comeback, as we know Regine's that have a real name is Regine Velasquez, had tv comeback, Regine's is actress singer the Philippines, she earned the nickname Regine's TV comeback as Regine's been a long time did not enliven the world of tv because child care was "nate" Regine's is famous Philippine actress singer Philippine singer and a figure that has many fans, Regine's TV comeback is definitely good news for the fan's Regine's, Regine's TV comeback news obtained from the news in "GREAT TV", news Regine's TV comeback is as follows: After more than a one-year absence, Regine Velasquez makes his television comeback via GMA-7 talk show this coming Sunday marks the first full-time after he went on hiatus when she got pregnant last year's April "GREAT TV." .
For the actress singer, returned to showbiz grind is not the difficult part of her comeback. It is a fact that he has to juggle his career showbiz and became a mother to Nate, his son by Ogie Alcasid. its like reported Regine's Regine's on tv comeback: "Mas nanibago ako na, 'Hey, I'm working." Ganun Parang. Hindi ako sa nahirapan pero plants, syempre, IBA Nanay na na ako ngayon cation, "Regine said in an interview with Yahoo! OMG! The Philippines during the opening of Ogie's Ryu Ramen and Curry restaurant in Tomas Morato, Jakarta on Sunday, July 22. Because he was unfamiliar with Nate all the time during his hiatus, Regine was found to be away from his challenge. with Regine's TV comeback news and interviews confirm Regine's Regine's on tv comeback, the Philippines will make your party more festive, we wait for Regine's TV comeback Philippine music will shake the world again. Regine's TV comeback