taiwan runway

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taiwan runwaytaiwan runway, taiwan runway often criticized and protests from various countries, mind when Taiwan runway in the area of oil potential, but in 2012 it remained taiwan runway will be built in several places, culminating in 2012 when the taiwan runway ,taiwan media reports on the runway, Taiwan currently is considering extending the runway at the contested Spratly islands in a move that could spark new tensions in the disputed South China Sea is, the media reported on Sunday. 
 If approved, the project will extend to 500 meters (1,640 feet) runway on Taiping Island, the largest in the disputed waters and some 860 miles (1376 kilometers) from Taiwan, Liberty Times said. "National security authorities recently held a meeting to evaluate the proposal because the situation in the South China Sea has been getting ever complicated,
" it quoted a security source as saying the unnamed nationwide. Tensions in the South China Sea has increased recently, with China and the Philippines are locked in a maritime dispute over Scarborough Shoal, an offshore reef in the Philippines. taiwan runway, now 1150 meters (3773 feet), built in 2006 despite protests from other countries with claims in potentially oil-rich region, including Vietnam, Brunei, China, Malaysia and the Philippines. but taiwan runway is luxury with more plane.