2012 Philippine flood

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2012 Philippine flood2012 Philippine flood, as reported in the August 2012 floods in the Philippines are very poor, and claimed many victims, There is no break from the rain, floods in the Philippines in August 2012 eventually led to 2012 Philippine Flood as reported
on the 2012 Philippine flood Soco, 60, said the floods, which began on Monday, is the worst seen since the area was a big storm hit in early 1970, and other local residents also said they did not experience anything like it for decades. and Thousands more Philippines flood victims crammed into an evacuation center on Friday as the waist-deep water covering the vast agricultural areas and the death toll from a week of suffering rose to 60.
2012 Philippine flood that submerged 80 percent of Manila earlier this week has largely subsided, allowing people to return to their homes, but the important fields in the northern areas remain under water as the rain fell over there.  
2012 Philippine flood told "We need something to eat I'm not going to work or be paid for a week.," Said Rogelio Soco, a construction worker and father of three in a small farming town of Apalit, about 60 kilometers (40 miles) from Manila. 2012 Philippine flood rapidly improved and residents hope the Philippines can continue to thrive as they are.