all about Typhoon Helen

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all about Typhoon Helen
all about Typhoon Helen, Typhoon Helen is a wind storm that commonly referred to as tropical storms in the Philippines kalmeiga or its Typhoon Helen, as we know all about Typhoon Helen
 as we know all about Typhoon Helen, all about Typhoon Helen the spotlight in the world and especially in the state of southeast asia, all the talk all about Typhoon Helen be because as we know all about Typhoon Helen .
central National Disaster in Taiwan reported the death toll from the hurricane or tropical storm Kalmeigi Helen grew to 13 people. Thirteen men who died was due to floods caused by tropical storm was followed by heavy rain, according to Central News Agency (CNA), Friday midnight. The death toll is seven of them lived in Kaohsiung County, three of Tainan, Taichung and two from one of Mioli. In addition eight people were injured and eight others missing.
The need for clean water in the area were also disrupted. Water delivery to approximately 500 thousand people in Tainan was also suspended. About 170 thousand households in southern Kaohsiung area can not enjoy clean water.  
all about Typhoon Helen also became a hot discussion on Philippine society, because of all about Typhoon Helen the spotlight on the floods in the Philippines, but from the number of news all about Typhoon Helen, Typhoon Helen has exited the Philippines on 14 August, but with many of its events all about Typhoon Helen, then all about Typhoon Helen to consider.
 that's the exposure of all about Typhoon Helen, of whether the typhoon Helen, is summarized in the discussion above all about the Typhoon Helen. hopefully all about Typhoon Helen