Expo 2012 philippine beaches

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Expo 2012 philippine beaches
Expo 2012 philippine beaches, is followed by the expo which Philippine global arena, such as the Expo 2012 theme philippine beaches, then the global expo featuring the charm of the Philippines Philippine state as the Expo 2012 philippine beaches
so with his work at the expo, about the 2012 expo philippine beaches, Philippine Coast has again made waves in the global tourism arena as the country's pavilion won two gold medals in recent international exhibitions. 
with Expo 2012 philippine beaches, the Philippines won the highest award for creative display and development of themes in the category of small pavilions (category C) Expo 2012 which ended this week in Yeosu, South Korea, Department of Tourism (DOT) said in a statement. 
 at the Expo 2012 philippine beaches, Published in the Philippine pavilion was the rock and sand sourced from the country's coast, including the white sands of Boracay, pink sand Sta. Cruz Island in Zamboanga, brown sand of San Lorenzo, Guimaras, and the black sand Sto. Domingo in Albay.
at the Expo 2012 philippine beaches, recycled materials are also used for the pavilion to "show the relationship between and among oceans and coastal communities," said DOT.
 on the theme of Expo 2012 philippine beaches show "Island of the Sea of ​​Diversity-Connectivity" developed by the University of the Philippines marine biologist Edgardo Gomez, following the theme of Expo 2012 "Living Ocean and Coast."
 with Expo 2012 philippine beaches shows that "The idea is to describe the Philippines as a tourist destination and sustainable coexistence fun and form an integral part of the whole," said DOT. Championship with the Philippines on the international expo to bring Expo 2012 philippine beaches, "This marks the first time that the Philippines won the gold award in the international exhibitions, and also the first time in the entire history of international exhibitions that a country has won two gold awards," added the DOT.
 Expo 2012 philippine beaches, the panel of judges, consisting of architecture and design, print design based on the pavilion, the message, the solution is presented and the educational environment.
 about the Expo 2012 philippine beaches, "This exhibition is my first assignment from President Benigno Simeon Aquino III when I began as Secretary of Tourism in 2011 ... This is a victory not only for the country's tourism industry, but also for the people of the Philippines .. . " Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr. said. Expo 2012 philippine beaches are three months starting May 12, attracted more than eight million globally, the International Media Center of Expo 2012 organizers said.
 Expo 2012 philippine beaches with the Philippine pride, and can improve on the 2012 expo philippine beaches in new sesion Expo 2012 philippine beaches.