Aquino sells his controversial sports car

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In accordance with the title of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino has sold the Porsche controversial. President Benigno Aquino is Philippines president, he has been a controversy for the Philippines for buying a luxury car worth 4.5 million pound sterling. many assumptions are unpleasant for the president because the Philippines is because buying the car, but yesterday finally president of the Philippines "Benigno Aquino controversy to sell his car" is,

"Yes ... [It is] the place to unnecessary risks to people who take care of me, [President of the Security Group] PSG," Aquino said in an interview accidental journalist.

Vehicle appears as an "ad" of its existence, Aquino said.

Aquino added that he was selling sports car, which
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reportedly cost him P4.5 million, in the "exact same price I bought it."

"It's time to let people experience it," said Aquino.

"I hope it's the last question on cars that are no longer in my hands," added the President.

Aquino took his car to use 'private fund' in January and soon drew flak for having expensive items, amid the increasing number of Filipinos who are poor.

Aquino then said that he saw nothing wrong in buying a 2007 Porsche.

president of the Philippines are probably getting tired of accusations that uncomfortable for him, it is seen from the answers to the above interviews from local journalists, to preiden philipine "Benigno Aquino