Supreme Court of the Philippines

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as its name the supreme court, is the highest court in a country, especially countries - countries in southeast asia. both in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and so on.
but there is different from the supreme court of the Philippines, among others:
Supreme Court of the Philippines (Filipino: Pilipinas Kataas-ng Korte Suprema taasang or Punishment) Philippine supreme court justice, as well as the final court. The Court consists of 14 Associate Justices and one Chief. Under the Constitution, the Supreme Court has "administrative supervision over all courts and personnel thereof." [1]
in its history the Supreme Court is..

the Supreme Court of the Philippines complex, previously as a campus of the University of the Philippines, occupying the corner of Padre Faura Street and Taft Avenue in Manila, with the main building directly in front of the Philippine General Hospital. Until 1945, the Court held office in Intramuros.
whatever the purpose of the placement office, but the silver lining when taken with the placement of the supreme court as it could mendegah if there is a possibility things that happen to health arising from the decision of the supreme court ...
maybe that's why I fellling Philippine supreme court set up office there ..