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Barbie Forteza
Barbie Forteza is well-known Philippine artist who has fans 870,611 more fans around the world, barbie forteza have advantages over other Philippine artists, including: PROFIL BARBIE FORTEZA
This name owner FORTEZA BARBIE, Barbie forteza has beautiful long hair and dazzling smile. But there's more to Barbie forteza from it - at a young age, he showed great promise in the acting world. She plays a young Jodi in Stairway to Heaven, where we see him doing a lot of drama. The biggest break yet is

the character most recently by barbie forteza, Cyndi charming at times demonstrated recently concluded First primetime.

Basic Info about BARBIE FORTEZA :
Name: Barbie Forteza
Fullname:Barbie Forteza
Nickname: Barbie
Birthday: July 31, 1997
Birth Place: Binan, Laguna
Showbiz Anniversary: 2009

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Favorites Barbie's Hit List: here are some favorites that have pretty barbie forteza actor after being taken from several sources:
1.Acara TV favorite is Sister sa 'Yo-because of Dennis Trillo in there sweetie!
2. Barbie likes the movie Fracture starring Anthony Hopkins.
3. It must follow that the actors he likes most is watching Anthony Hopkins, "po kasi kahit yung action Walang mukha, nakukuha niya sa eyes." As for the local showbiz, he admires Sharon Cuneta and Cherie Gil.
4. He likes to listen to "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus.
5. Like countless other teenagers today, Barbie is a Twilight fanatic: "Uh kinikilig ako, eh (Giggles.)!" He also likes the work of Dan Brown.
6. Barbie proud father, who was a great cook. He loved his version of adobo: "May kamatis Kasama painful." His favorite drink strawberry-flavored Kool-Aid.
7. The most important gadget is the mobile phones and laptops.
9. Barbie likes to look beautiful with the right shoes and earrings.
10. Favorite scene in Stairway to Heaven where she played a young Jodi, is the airport scene with Joshua Dionisio, who plays a young Cholo. "At saka po ako yung sinampal, pagkatapos ako nung ni sinabunutan Miss Jean." Yung ginawang mummy [din], po kasi ako eh nabunggo. Hindi nga po makaiyak Joshua's lunch natatawa po kasi sa itsura ko. Tapos' yung umakyat po ako ng stairs, pa-akyat bubong po ako ng takot sa matataas Kasi .. Uh-victory Walang kekeme can ditto. "