Philippiness driver.

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accordance with Philippiness drivers title. This info will explain who the winner of the contest Philippine driver in 2011.
as is known in the Philippines since 2006, the Goodyear tire company has conducted an annual search for outstanding Filipino driver.

The finalists Philippine drivers from each region was determined after a five-month voting period. The finalists winners per region judged by their deeds and sacrifice, showing concern, and their potential role models.
Apart from cash prizes, the winners were also given packets partner's livelihood "Bayani ng Kalsada" companies. The remaining finalists per region also took home P10, 000 each.

The driver at the electoral philippiness 2011 "Bayani ng Kalsada" awardees including jeepney driver Richard Paragas (NCR) who are

victims of vehicle accidents injured rushed to the hospital, followed by David Montenegro (Luzon) which foreigners who rushed to the hospital unconscious , Herdy Bandillon (Visayas) to save victims of robbery, and Esmeraldo Magandam (Mindanao) who were admitted to hospital a woman who suffered a severe stroke.

Romualdo Ariestotle of Cavite named "Bayani ng Kalsada Overall Champion" for 2011 for the selfless actions of responding to a mother and son trapped in a shooting incident.

most of the jeepney drivers from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and National Capital Region (NCR) is named "Bayani ng Kalsada" for their heroic actions

Despite heroic measures indicated by the winner may seem easy for others, Managing Director of Goodyear Philippines Gerry Alava said acts just risking someone's life for others is an act worthy of recognition.

"We believe that the selfless heroic acts that saved lives and inspire others to do the same thing should not go unnoticed. This is why we honor the heroes of this feast day, the courage and strength have made our streets a better place better and safer, "said Alava.
as preached by some news:
In 2011, jeepney drivers dominated the list of awardees ng Bayani Kasalda, Alava said.

this is the result of driver selection Philippines 2011, we wait for the driver who the winner of the Philippines in 2012, and so on.