activists clash outside SONA

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activists clash outside SONAactivists clash outside SONA, are like we know the impact of the Philippines 2012 SONA not good, and the results are activists clash outside SONA, Activists and police clashed Monday afternoon when a group of militants trying to sneak through a barricade along Commonwealth Avenue, a few miles from where President Benigno Aquino III delivered the State of the Nation Address. are like that reported on activists clash outside SONA Bagong Alyansang MAKABAYAN Renato Reyes Jr., secretary-general said the clashes left at least 95 injured by "the majority of head injuries and defensive wounds." Most of the injured were students, he told Yahoo! Southeast Asia. Eleven were taken to East Avenue Medical Center, he said.
Philippines Quezon City Red Cross said they brought six wounded to East Avenue, four of whom had head injuries. The following pictures activists clash outside SONA:  
activists clash outside SONAactivists clash outside SONA did not happen initially, but a rally was held parallel to the SONA had been peaceful until a group of activists throughout the lower the metal barrier island in the Commonwealth. Police rushed to cut them off as a leader in the crowd reminding people to not throw stones. But this does not make the activists of throwing stones and paint bombs. Line police broke up several times before forming again and pushed back activists. to assuage activists clash outside SONA A fire truck were deployed to the scene but quickly pulled out. A police truck at the scene seen driving away with a broken wind shield. A dump truck that Jakarta police tried to maneuver to block the activists also have a broken windshield. activists clash outside SONA, SONA 2012 filiphina occurred as a result of the Philippines, is considered so important and the impact of the Philippines 2012 SONA, which causes activists clash outside SONA