Gangster Celop

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gangster Celop Celop Gangster tells two former gangsters namely the Safe (Kamal Adli) and Adam (Syamsul Yusof) who just finished serving a prison sentence for five years. This film sparked a new phenomenon for the first time ever in an EXCELLENT PICTURES and Spades Production will unite workers make the film "Gangster Celop", a comedy action film starring Shamsul Yusof, Kamal Adli, Yus Guava, Azad Jazmin, Reen Rahim Zalikha Hanis and new performers. Hanis Khabarnya performer is one of the regular bloggers Sahaja .. you are curious, please download gangster celop Actor in the film is composed Syamsul Yusof, Kamal Adli, Yus Guava, Azad Jazmin, Reen Rahim and famous blogger, Hanis Zalikha when pengarahnya is Ahmad Idham. "Looking at the current situation of the film industry, gangster celop combination may provide an opportunity to generate ideas, kreativiti, capital and labor that may attract public attention," said Datuk Yusof Haslam, who also said that this collaboration is a major step in the film industry Tempatan.
you are curious, please download gangster celop 
" gangster Celop  collaboration should produce a new phenomenon in the film industry, which Sahaja It is not related to the collaboration of two IT infrastructure, even among the new phenomena in the field when lakonan Zalikha Hanis, a famous blogger who is also a model, also perform in a play in" Gangster Celop ", "said Ahmad Idham. The main depiction of "Gangster Celop" sudahpun originated in the Klang Valley and will likely diriliskan in 2013. What are we waiting khabar even the appearance of this film. Only problem is why the nature of heavy sebegini Movie particularly for heroin in this film takes bloggers Sahaja performers now, why not choose the artists of today. What's special about this Hanis? Please click the link gangster celop download video, download video youtube gangster celop