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THE UAAP 2012 The 2012 UAAP, THE UAAP 2012 START reverberate, a prestigious event * For the new basket and talented players, basketball darai various ADA Parta THE UAAP 2012 several candidates, the candidate THE UAAP 2012 is always eagerly anticipated by fans of basketball, based on observations about the UAAP OF 2012 , Prospective inilahprestasi THE UAAP 2012 UAAP Season 75 · UPDATES THE UAAP 2012, LIST OF CANDIDATES FOR THE UAAP 2012 Of the freshmen who entered in the 75's UAAP basketball wars season, La Salle at the National University Jeron Teng and Mark De Guzman stands out like a sore thumb. Both have been impressive during pre-season tournament, and even arguing over the Fil-Oil Cup finals that the Bulldogs won. THE CANDIDATE THE UAAP 2012: Teng is the most sought after player out of high school in 2011. He is
strong, agile and definitely skilled. When he attacked the basket, it's almost an automatic two points. The son of former PBA enforcer Alvin Teng had scored 104 points for Xavier School in Tiong Lian-up match against Grace Christian. THE CANDIDATE THE UAAP 2012 De Guzman: De Guzman is a former Youth prominent Philippine team coach Eric Altamirano under, who also coaches NU. A transfer from the College of St. Benilde, he posted the norm 9.3 and 4 marker boards for the Bulldogs in the Fil-Oil. THE CANDIDATE UAAP 2012 ADAMSON'S: Adamson's Jericho Cruz has surprised many during the pre-season, collecting 10.1 points, 2.6 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.3 steals per game. He even outplayed his more famous teammates such as Alex Nuyles and Roider Cabrera in the Fil-Oil. Cruz will surely be one of the key players for the Falcons this year. THE CANDIDATE Raul Soyud THE UAAP 2012: RAUL SOYUD University of the Philippines has a reason for joy to find Raul Soyud gift. He played for 18 minutes per game in the Fil-Oil, and posted norms of 7.8 and 6.3 caroms markers. In the same tournament, he was the best three players Maroon. THE CANDIDATE THE UAAP 2012 Nico Elorde: Elorde has nerves of steel, at least based on his performance in the Fil-Oil Cup, in which he averaged 1.9 points, 2.1 rebounds and 1.4 assists in 13.8 minutes. Maybe there are more surprises from the first timer in this year's THE UAAP 2012 wars. But beginners are on the course to watch this season. THE UAAP 2012 is very interesting.