Women's boxing olympian

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Women's boxing olympianWomen's boxing, this is now a sport that is eagerly awaited by fans of boxing, Women's boxing will be a branch of the prestigious, as it would in langsungkan Women's boxing Olympian, the Women's boxing 2012 Olympian in london, from various countries konestan will send athletes Women's boxing was to follow the Women's championship boxing Olympian in london 2012, at the Philippine branch of the Women's boxing really got the attention of the sport because Women will box in the Olympics for the first time at the 2012 London Olympic Games, bringing an end to all the male sports at the Olympics last summer. Women will compete for three gold medals - the flyweight (51kg) category, Lightweight (60kg) and medium (75kg) - were squeezed into 10 weight categories from 11 to fight in Beijing. These are some of the women boxers who
will compete in the Olympics. Women's boxing has experienced more television and media exposure, Including the major motion picture Million Dollar Baby. There are a few Organizations That Recognize world championship bouts, and fights are held in more than 100 countries. Women's boxing will be very interesting and of concern in the world of boxing, we wait for the action of the Women's boxing to be held in london. Women's boxing from our country will fight with more spirit on london