Filipinos lose trust in China

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Filipinos lose trust in ChinaFilipinos lose trust in China, from a variety of problems that arise between filiphina and China, the Philippines lost the trust in China. actually the word about his relationship cracked china and foreign filiphina not more, as both countries are often stubborn, especially in this 2012 year.
 in the category of china and filiphina relations, the Philippines lost the trust of the Chinese, survey shows 
 with Beijing over Shoal Panatag (international name: Scarborough Shoal), the Philippines faith in China fell to a record low of minus 36 in May, according to a recent survey of Social Weather Stations. 
This makes the Filipinos lose trust in China Filipinos lose trust in China is also shown with Survey carried out between May 24 and 27 and were first reported in the Business World newspaper, found that 55 percent of Filipinos have "little confidence" in Chinese, while 19 percent have a "trust a lot," resulting in rating "bad" net minus 36 .
Filipinos lose trust in China coupled with the incident on Last March, the net level of Chinese Filipinos are in "moderate" plus 10 (39 percent "trust a lot," 29 percent "little trust").  
Filipinos lose trust in China, and The SWS considers net satisfaction level increased above 70 and a "very good"; plus 50 to plus 69, "very good"; plus 30 to plus 49, "good"; plus 10 to plus 29, "moderate"; plus 9 a minus 9, "neutral"; minus 10 to minus 29, "poor"; minus 30 to minus 49, "bad"; minus 50 to minus 69, "very bad" and minus 70 and below. "shitty " that is why the Filipinos lose trust in China