Charito Chua

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Charito ChuaCharito Chua, who is not familiar with Charito Chua, Charito Chua is a figure in the Philippines are sticking to the media, with a very great social progress. 
Charito Chua was very well known country the Philippines, Charito Chua also now a special conversation for incoming international news, maybe the name was worldwide Charito Chua, Charito Chua not only known in the Philippines may even be in the know with news on the internet Chua Charito a very broad scope, want to know the story of Charito Chua?,

 thus gait Charito Chua is concerned with the social world: For some 13 years now, Charito Chua and her husband Anthony has done an unbelievable but true mission in Davao City: to feed the homeless children and bring them, and treat them like family. Charito, one of the Pinoy finalists Yahoo! ID Pitong, the shares that it all started in a dream, in which babies were sold to him on 3-for-P100. She took it as a sign from heaven, and make a big leap to transform the lives of orphaned children around him.
"We went out and fasted for three days. We pray for it. We then decided to resume full-time service. Tinalikuran Namin business ang aming," Charito, a born-again Christian, told Yahoo! Southeast Asia. Charito said give up a thriving business is a small price they must pay, so they can fulfill their calling.
They realize that while carrying out the mission more difficult. "Sumama na sila sa amin, simulated daylight ayaw bumalik na nila sa street. Dumami precepts. We live upstairs, downstairs silah," said Charito, noting that he was an adopted child from ages 4-17. Charito Chua said when children want to stay with him, first he makes background checks to ensure they are actually orphans. He accompanied the children to a TV station. according to Charito Chua "Some grew up in the streets, abandoned or abused. Some of them walang apelyido [even had no surname]," he said. gait so Charito Chua, Charito Chua hopefully more in the Philippines and even the world.