Weathermen protest

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Weathermen protest
Weathermen protest, according to the title of the Weathermen protest, weathermen are weather and geophysical institute in the Philippines, Weathermen protest because of some obstacles, as we all know weathermen are very influential in the Philippines because the Philippines is a very strategic location, and often a disaster, then the Weathermen protest is considered reasonable for the work important weathermen, weathermen and severity of work, but has many obstacles, especially in terms of finance that is needed weathermen in the process every day. such discussion Weathermen protest, Weathermen protest marked by Wearing black armbands and carrying placards, employees of the Philippine Atmospheric Administration Services, Geophysical and Astronomical (PAGASA) yesterday protested over unpaid benefits.
the Weathermen protest, Ramon Agustin, president of the Philippine Weathermen Employees Association, said they will also hold a series of votes on Friday. Weathermen protest at his Agustin also asked President Aquino ordered the release of their benefits, which have been suspended since March.  

Weathermen protest was apparently prompted the President to make a surprise visit to the PAGASA yesterday afternoon. the Weathermen protest, PAGASA personnel assured the President that the government is working to address their concerns even as he urged them not to leave their posts as the country braces for tropical storm "Helen."
 as reported on the Weathermen protest, Aquino arrived at PAGASA office around 4 pm with Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, Secretary of Science and President Mario Montejo Communications Operations Office of the Secretary Herminio Coloma. "I came here to remind you, in particular, that we have the adverse climate and weather disturbances. The flood victims worry.
We should not add to it," said Aquino. the Weathermen protest, He said PAGASA also a provider of health insurance contract was terminated last month because the employee can no longer pay the monthly premium.
 today 14 july 2012 Weathermen stage protest, and the Weathermen protest still talk about the Weathermen protest the previous discussion.